Are you looking for solutions to drive down musculoskeletal expenses?

Preventing employee injuries

These are a top priority for each organization’s success.  Musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries are usually preventable with early intervention and rehabilitation.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 14 median days away from work due to each MSK injury in 2020.  The most common injuries according to the National Safety Council are sprains, strains or tears, soreness or pain.  We contract directly with you to keep your employees musculoskeletal injuries minimized with onsite physical therapy, ergonomics and injury prevention analysis and pre-work screens. 

Onsite Physical Therapy Solutions

Onsite physical therapists (PT) focus is on prevention and treatment within your workplace.  They provide early intervention to screen employees for sprains, strains and pain and recommend appropriate first aid or functional exercises to improve the employee’s strength and flexibility to minimize muscle damage.  If injuries occur, PTs are experts in rehabilitation and can effectively treat the injury and develop a plan with your team for a safe return to work to minimize lost hours of work.  Starting a plan of care immediately with the PT, without having to wait for care offsite, speeds up the healing process.  Our desire is to educate and empower your employees to take an active role through the recovery process so there is limited time away from work, restricted work and/or transfers to other jobs to minimize disruptions to your business processes and increases workplace satisfaction. 

Ergonomic and Injury
Prevention Solutions

Preventive care is a top priority to keep musculoskeletal disorders minimized.  Your onsite physical therapist can provide new hire training on injury prevention and body mechanics.  Your PT will work each line of your business to understand the physical demands on your employees to provide workstation analysis to prevent injuries and manage discomfort.  Your employees will gain trust and confidence in the PT as they interact with them regularly in the workplace.  The PT can develop stretch programs, discuss proper body mechanics for lifting and positioning and refine workplace ergonomics.

Pre-employment Testing Solutions

Screening for previous injury or MSK deficiency is imperative to make sure new hires can safely handle the physical demands of the job they are hired to do to prevent costly injuries.  As experts in movement analysis, your onsite physical therapist will work with your team to develop pre-employment testing for each line of business, conduct the pre-employment testing and communicate clearly with your team regarding the results and suggest any feasible work modifications if necessary.  

Workers Compensation Plans

If you are not able to bring onsite physical therapy into your business yet, our PTs at our South Ogden location work with all workers compensation plans and provide expert work injury case management to ensure your employee receives the best care at the best price to help you keep your insurance premiums, medical expenses and indemnity costs low

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