Dealing with lower back issues can be something that can keep you from doing the things that you love to do. When you are having an issue with your back, you will not want to do much. If you are depending on your body for your livelihood, this could affect you. Whenever you are dealing with lower back pain issues, you could be dealing with a herniated disk. Our physical therapy professionals will be able to help you assess your pain levels and give you a plan to help you heal quickly and effectively.

Understand the signs of lower back herniated disk issues

The biggest way to determine whether or not you are dealing with herniated disk issues is your legs and arms feeling numb. This is a surefire sign that you are going to have something to deal with in your lower back. If you are having these symptoms worsened by sitting or standing for long periods, you should look into fixing this as soon as possible.

Speak to a physical therapist as soon as possible 

When dealing with lower back issues, they are only going to get worse the more time you neglect them. Getting in to see one of our physical therapy professionals is something you should do as soon as possible. Our professionals have been crafting great physical therapy for lower back herniated disk for years. We will be able to apply what we have learned and helped you get back to your normal daily routine in a little time as possible.

Neck stretching exercises are key

Neck stretching is something that we will be doing in the office as well as you doing these stretches at home. These neck stretches are pretty easy to learn. Simply tilt your head up, back, and side to side while stretching your neck. While this may sound very easy, our physical therapists will show you the proper way to do it to avoid any kind of injury. Make sure that you don’t overdo it with your neck stretches. It can be very tempting to just keep going and going when you are feeling better. However, this can add to your injury. Work with your physical therapist to determine just what is the right amount of neck stretching for you.

Knee to chest stretching for your lower back herniated disk 

Knee to chest stretching is an exercise that our professionals will be able to help you learn. Simply laying on your back is going to be the place to start. Grab your knee of one leg and bring it close to your chest. Doing this slowly is going to be the way to go. Alternating legs for five to ten minutes can help you feel limber and ready to take on more activities. If you are struggling with this exercise, our professionals will help you with other body movements that could help you get more overall flexibility. This will in turn help you with your knee to chest stretches. 

Don’t rush yourself with your physical therapy for lower back herniated disk issues 

One of the mistakes that many of our patients can fall into is trying to do too much, too quickly. When you start feeling better with a small amount of physical therapy, you will be excited to do more and more. However, our physical therapy experts will be able to help you craft a physical therapy plan that will work for you without overdoing it. Trust that these professionals will be able to push you to your limits, but not any further. This will give you much better results in the long run.

Swimming can be a very positive part of your physical therapy

One exercise that our physical therapists will greatly suggest is swimming. Swimming is a low impact activity that will help you to stretch your body and gain muscle. With only the resistance of the water, you will find that it can be much easier on your body than powerlifting, boxing, skateboarding, or other higher intensity workouts. Our physical therapy professionals will be able to help you learn the right types of swimming that will be able to help you in the long run with your lower back issues. 

Cycling and walking are great ways to help your lower back 

If you live in the city or live close enough to most of the places you go, think about leaving the car at home. When you are walking or biking to where you need to go, you will find that your lower back pain will feel much better over time. Many times, your lower back pain can come from a lack of active movement. When you decide to bike and walk to most of the places you go, it will ensure that you are being much more active on a regular basis. 

Yoga can also be a great way to help with physical therapy for lower back herniated disk

Yoga is one of the great natural ways to reduce pain and bring you to a better state of mind at the same time. With the right types of stretches and poses, your lower back will be feeling much better over time. Our physical therapy experts will be able to help you with the right yoga that you can do in our offices and at home. Over time, you will feel much better and your lower back issues will seem to fade away with regular yoga.

If you are experiencing any lower back issues, it is probably something that you want to get fixed right away. No longer should you have to suffer through work, have trouble sleeping, and not be able to enjoy the things and people you love. Our professionals will walk you through the steps of getting back to your full mobility. Give us a call today and we will be able to start the process of helping you with your lower back problems. Before you know it, you will be equipped with the physical skills to keep your lower back in the shape that you need for many years to come. 

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