At Bridge Physical Therapy we love helping those who need help. We want to provide a fantastic service for all who are coming into our facility. There are so many reasons why you should see a physical therapist. We want to give you this list so the next time you are thinking about going to a physical therapist, you go for the right reasons. Let us provide you with a list of reasons why you should see a physical therapist and know the benefits.


5 Reasons Why You Should See a Physical Therapist



Preventative measures are one way physical therapists help you out. This would be for someone who does not know how to exercise properly. The physical therapist gets them on a regime that would fit their body. Physical therapists want to create ways for you to stay working out with comfort. People who are out of shape/overweight and worry about how to get back into working out are perfect to learn from a physical therapist. They help people who are unable to do the activities they once loved. Some others may be dealing with other diseases that are affecting their lives. This topic we will dive into a little more depth later in this blog. Lastly, people who are dealing with constant aches and pains while working out are great candidates to go to a physical therapist.

By coming to a physical therapist you can alleviate the pain you are having while moving your body incorrectly and get you to do it the right way. Everyone’s body is different. While being assessed you will be able to be given a more personalized plan that will help your body feel comfortable. You might have a personal goal to be at a certain point for your body, our goal is to help you get there. Talk with us about where you want to be so we can give you the most optimal help.


Sports Performance and Injuries

Physical therapists work closely with athletes. One goal of P.T.’s work with athletes is to improve performance. They want the athlete to be in the best shape possible. Athletes are always trying to have an advantage over their opponents. A physical therapist can help you strengthen ligaments, joints, and muscles.  Physical therapists provide resources to athletes by targeting areas of strengthening or improvement.

Some use it as a preventative measure like above. They want to stay away from further straining a current injury or avoid injuries altogether. As an athlete, you should never distrust your body. You want to listen to your body when you feel hurt, depleted, or someone feels wrong. While being an athlete you want to maintain your body to the best of your ability and trust it.

Have you ever seen someone wrapping their ankle? Have you seen athletes getting ice on different parts of their bodies? These are very basic forms of physical therapy. They decrease swelling in those damaged portions of the body to help you repair yourself, and provides support to avoid further damage.

Another way a physical therapist could help is by providing rehab programs. Therapists involved in athlete rehabilitation want you to progress safely, but fast enough to get back to your normal activities. Rehabilitation, in this case, is a process of helping an athlete through a series of controlled exercises and treatments get to a physical condition where they can safely return to what they were doing prior to their injury/accident, and determining when that goal has been reached. There is no reason to try to jump back into something that will only hurt you again.



Prevent Surgery

This area of therapy targets prevention and strengthening to potentially avoid surgery. We know there are ways to get your body back into the state it once was. Physical therapy can restrengthen an area of the body to not need to have to receive surgery. The goal is to eliminate the pain that is happening or heal the current injury. Physical therapy can help avoid surgery which can help your bank account. We know that surgery is not cheap and going to a physical therapist can help with that.

Recover from Surgery

Surgery can be a very physically traumatic thing for a human body to go through, depending on the procedure. Physical therapy can be absolutely crucial to the recovery process. After surgery, patients can need lots of help with regaining mobility and body function. We are experienced in helping people through this painful and occasionally discouraging process. We love seeing our patients succeed and stay happy and hopeful.


Manage Your Age

Have you ever had joint pain? Ever feel stiff as you are getting older? As everyone gets older mobility is continuously weakening. We all know of an aunt, uncle, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, getting joint surgery. Someone who has fallen and cannot get up. Getting older is not easy, however physical therapy can ease the discomfort of decreased mobility in old age. Physical therapy can be a tool to alleviating some of the pains you are having as you get older. One of the biggest things we hear from our older patients is they want independent freedom. It never feels good to have someone do everything for them. We want to provide you with some helpful ways to not have your age take over your life.


Help Control a Disease or Condition

Helping to control a disease or condition is one of the biggest components that people do no think about for physical therapy. One example is coming back from a stroke. After having a stroke one could lose some mobility or all. This causes the patient to relearn simple tasks like walking, proper body mechanics and using techniques/devices in assisting with new kinesics. Another example is a heart attack, Bell’s palsy, Parkinson’s disease, etc. These conditions affect your strength and ability to move.

You may know someone with diabetes. This person needs to be on an exercise regime consistently. Otherwise, some loss of feeling in parts of the body can occur. Physical therapists assist diabetic patients in safe, and effective exercises to provide the best outcome. We want you to call us anytime to figure out a disease or condition that we could help you with.



So, again, ask yourself, “Why see a physical therapist?” If you’re still unsure, please visit this page and others to do more research. If you do happen to find yourself considering physical therapy, don’t hesitate to give Bridge Physical Therapy a call. We want you to contact us so we can help you find out what will be best for you.

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