You may be wondering what is industrial rehabilitation? It is a form of rehabilitation that is focused on getting the worker back to work. A worker may not be able to work for a variety of reasons including injuries, illness, and surgeries. 

This means that they cannot go to work and cannot collect a paycheck. While some companies offer sick leave or personal emergency leave, it is only for a certain amount of time. Once coverage runs out for any worker, it can be extremely hard to live and not be getting an income.

So let us get into answering the question of what is industrial rehabilitation in depth. You may have many questions about industrial rehabilitation if you or a loved one needs required treatment for work.

Case Managers

It is extremely common for you to be assigned a case manager when dealing with a rehabilitation case. This is going to be a person, specifically a medical professional, who is over all of the moving parts of your case. They probably will not treat you specifically, but they will be behind the scenes making sure that your team of medical professionals is giving you the best care possible. 

You will want a case manager that you get along with and one that you trust. Trust is one of the most important characteristics that you can have with them. When you trust your case manager you will be more at ease when meeting with doctors or have any questions or concerns. You most likely will have a case manager if you are in a hospital, home health, or rehabilitation center. 

If you are not sure if you have a case worker, you can reach out to your insurance company and see if you can get one or have one already assigned to you.

What is Industrial Rehabilitation? Injury or Illness

The great thing about industrial rehabilitation is that it can cover both injury and illness. There are different programs available depending on the facility but you should be able to get help for going back to work. 

It does not matter what you are dealing with, the goal of industrial rehabilitation is to get you back to work without pain or modifications. Generally, we get people who have been injured at work and need to get help so they can resume their job. 

At Bridge Physical Therapy, we treat both those who have an injury or an illness. We want to make sure that everyone who wants to go back to work can do so without having to suffer in silence.

Program Designed Industrial Rehabilitation

When going to industrial rehabilitation, it is common to have a program designed for your case. It is similar to having a treatment plan. Basically, you will have a team of medical professionals who will design a program to get back to work.

The great thing about having a program is that you know what to expect from your providers and doctors. You will most likely have some exercises and stretches that you need to do. This will help muscles strengthen and heal properly before going back to work.

What about the Work Environment?

You might worry about going back to work because you know what it is like best at your company. If you have a good relationship with your boss, you may want to get in contact with them to see what they expect from you. 

If you have a good work environment, they may let you return and do modified work or take breaks in between your regular breaks. This allows you to start having money come in while also still working on your rehabilitation. If this is not allowed, you can look for another job or wait until you are able to fully return to work.

Whatever the case, you will want to make your case manager and doctors aware of your work environment. If they do not ask, make sure to tell them if you sit at a desk all day or have a job that requires lifting and walking. 

What is Industrial Rehab

We hope that we have covered what is industrial rehabilitation. Next, we hope to give you a general idea of what you can expect when you go to industrial rehabilitation. 

Firstly, we will want you to fill out forms before you come into our office. This lets us know what is going on and what we are seeing you for. Secondly, we will ask you to come in for an evaluation. We will do tests that are similar to an annual physical at the doctor. 

After we see you, we will make a treatment plan and program for your industrial rehabilitation. From there, if everything is on track, you will meet with us and we will watch your progress and accomplish your goals. 

Physical Demand

Every job is going to have a different type of physical demand. You will need to tell your doctors and nurses what type of physical demand you are up against. It may take longer to get back to work fully if you are running around and lifting heavy objects. The level of demand will determine how long your treatment will take and what program you need to be on.

Industrial Rehabilitation Treatment Plan

A good treatment plan can make a world of difference for anyone who wants to recover from an injury. The wrong treatment plan can add weeks or even months to getting back to work. 

You will want to know what your treatment plan is. They should have your plan laid out and ready to go before you start treatment. Typically they will do some preliminary tests or evaluations to see where you are at and how badly you are injured.

Having an evaluation beforehand is a great way for your treatment team to know what is best for your situation. If the treatment is not giving you results or are regressing, your team will re-evaluate and make a different treatment plan. Knowing what industrial rehabilitation is can help you ask the right questions.

Insurance Company

You will have to check with your insurance if you qualify for industrial rehabilitation. It is a good idea to check with your employer to see what to do if you are injured at work. This lets you get on the right track to getting help. 

If you ended up in the hospital or another facility, they should be able to tell you what to expect for care. You can call your insurance company if you are up to it. If you are not up to it, you can have a trusted person give your insurance company a call.  

Since we have answered what is industrial rehabilitation, we hope that you have learned something useful and know more when asked what is industrial rehabilitation. If you are looking to learn more, be sure to reach out to us by phone or email. We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you have before beginning treatment with us. 

Ready to go back to work without having to worry about pain? Take the leap and schedule an appointment today. We will try to get you in as soon as we can. You can start making your dream of going back to work a reality when you choose Bridge Physical Therapy for your industrial rehabilitation place. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

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