It doesn’t matter how you got your injury. It could be from an accident or from repeated stress on your body. Either way, it’s important to take care of your aches and pains before it turns into a bigger problem. Physical therapy will get you back into your daily life quickly. Deciding what to wear to physical therapy is important. If you wear the wrong things, it could hinder your progress. Choosing wisely will increase the effectiveness of your physical therapy sessions.

Loose fitting shirts

Remember, when you are doing physical therapy, you are working out. It is important to wear loose-fitting shirts that will let you move freely. It would only be a matter of time before a tight shirt causes problems. It could restrict your motion, pinch, or pull in uncomfortable ways. You can ask your physical therapist about the best options for your shirts or good materials. Our professionals are happy to help direct you to the clothing options that will suit your sessions.

Athletic pants or shorts

It is important that you wear the right pants or shorts when you are deciding what to wear to physical therapy. If you were to wear jeans to your physical therapy session, you’ll find it’s a pretty constrictive clothing choice. Avoid skirts and worn-out clothing to avoid embarrassing situations. Leggings, sweats, or gym shorts would be a great option that could help you have the movement that you need.

The right underwear

It’s easy to put on your underwear and forget about it. Your underwear isn’t something you might consider when deciding what to wear to physical therapy. But it is. You know your body best. To keep you comfortable you may need a good sports bra. Tighter briefs rather than boxers are another thing to consider. These are both choices that will provide support and keep everything close to your body. This will help prevent any chaffing or discomfort while exercising at physical therapy.

Footwear that will support you during your training

Sandals, slip-ons, work boots, and slippers are all bad ideas. What to wear to physical therapy should always be comfortable. However, it should also always be lightweight with a secure fit. Athletic shoes will give you the support you need while you are in your physical therapy session. Running shoes, tennis shoes, and skate shoes are all great examples of functional footwear.

Make sure your clothes are clean

While it may seem obvious, wearing clean clothes to therapy sessions deserves mentioning. A good working relationship with your trainer tends to depend on smelling clean. Make sure you are cleaning your physical therapy clothes after every session. On the other hand, you should be mindful not to wear anything with strong scents. Perfumes, colognes, and lotions may be pleasant when you apply them, but they never smell the same when sweating. These things have a direct effect on the health of our staff and clients. Avoiding scented things prevent allergies. Clean clothes prevent the spread of illness. These things will not only keep everyone happy, but they will also help you feel fresh and confident.

Don’t wear expensive jewelry

What to wear to physical therapy should never include jewelry. Working out with jewelry can cause injuries by catching or getting stuck. We will always ask our patients to take off their expensive jewelry. It’s best to leave it at home. It would be a painful experience for anyone if they lost their jewelry or damaged it. Storing jewelry in your pockets will not work either. It could become an injury hazard or it could fall from your pocket into our equipment.

Wear clothing that you are comfortable in

When you are attending a physical therapy session, it is important that you are comfortable. While we may have given you a list of great clothing recommendations, your comfort should be the priority. Everyone has their own preferences on what to wear to physical therapy. It is important that you have clothes that won’t make your work out difficult. That’s the only real rule. Dress the way you are comfortable dressing and you should be fine.

Sweats are always a great idea

When you’re deciding what to wear to physical therapy, you aren’t choosing what to wear to the club or the office. Sweats are an all-around solid choice. They might even be the best option for your physical therapy, providing both comfort and functionality. Most people can find some sweats in the corner of their closet. This means that you don’t have to go buy a whole new workout wardrobe when starting physical therapy.

Ask your friends for some fashion tips

There is most likely someone in your friend group who goes to the gym on a regular basis. When you are around these friends, ask them questions about what they wear to the gym. Before you know it, the two of you will be talking about all the types of clothes that you can wear for physical therapy. You may even end up getting some of their hand-me-downs. If you are still stumped about what to wear to physical therapy, try connecting with your gym friends. They could make all the difference.

Figuring out what to wear to physical therapy doesn’t have to be a guessing game. When you think about it, there are many different things that would work. Once you consider the gym clothes you already have, you might have everything right now. There’s a chance you may need to take a quick trip to the store to pick a few things up so that you can maximize the benefits of your session. Give our offices a call today if you would have any questions about particular items. We’ll pick a great outfit for you, together. Our friendly professionals want you to feel comfortable and welcomed. So, what are waiting for? Let’s start your journey to better health.

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